About Then How!

Origins of Then How
Lily was born when I was 23 years old and my coaching journey was initiated. How do I encourage growth?  At 26 I was asked to lead a sales team in a hyper growth software company. Every person was older than me and had more experience and all of a sudden my coaching was challenged.
At 32 my self-awareness was challenged when I realised that my coaching had been too much about what I wanted to get from others. This changed, when my mission and life purpose became clear: How to seek and understand the qualities in other people. 

In a career spanning 25+ years in hyper growth companies such as Business Objects (SAP), QlikTech, Birst (Infor), Talend and Databricks my hunger to become a better coach and encourage growth was inspired by the desire to uncover peoples strengths and qualities.

Then how does one develop them for growth?

Then How Goals
Then How is born from my passion to encourage growth in others. The mission for Then How is to make coaching accessible to everyone

1. COACH - Encourage Individual and company growth
2. DEVELOP - Develop coaching technologies which scale coaching
3. INVEST - Invest in individuals and companies to make coaching accessible to all.

Then How values

Then How is guided by core values of integrity, respect, action and curiosity and all engagements operate on these principles.  Integrity means we must  do what we say we will and have respect for one another by being open and honest with what is possible and ultimately to be action-oriented to learn, test and prove our realities.  This happens when we stay curious to new ways, new thinking and have a beginers mindset for growth.